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    Professional Background


    • over 15 yrs. experience in the social sciences & academic publishing
    • over 15 yrs. experience writing & illustrating technical reports 
    • over 10 yrs. experience writing & editing compliance documents (state, federal, tribal) ​
    • over 10 yrs. experience teaching research & writing skills to secondary & post-secondary students
    • experience working with students and professionals with diverse backgrounds and goals
    • over 10 yrs. experience curating & managing collections
    • experience with culturally sensitive materials & confidential information
    Editorial Proficiencies
    • experience with APA, MLA, CMS, AMA, and other leading style guides
    • experience with formatting requirements of Elsevier, Wiley, Sage, & other academic/research publishers
    Computer Skills
    • proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
    • working knowledge of FileMaker Pro, Extensis Portfolio, PastPerfect Museum Software
    • working knowledge of SPSS, RStudio, ImageJ


    • Ph.D., Anthropology (Archaeology), Arizona State University
    • M.A., Anthropology (Archaeology), Northern Arizona University
    • B.A., Anthropology, summa cum laude, with minor concentration in Religious Studies, University of Colorado


    Corporate, Start-Up &

    Small Business Clients

    Consultation, Editing & Illustration

    • Delta Environmental Sciences, Phoenix, Arizona
    • AFOQTGuide.com
    • Skeleton Key Publishing, LLC
    • Vos Heritage & Compliance, LLC, Tucson, Arizona
    • Transcon Environmental, Inc., Mesa, Arizona
    • Roadrunner Archaeology & Consulting, Tempe, Arizona
    • Rupestrian CyberServices, Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Hopi Headstart, Kykotsmovi Village, Arizona
    • The Body Energy Center, Boulder, Colorado

    Project History

    Academic & Non-Fiction Publications

    (Consultation & Content Editing)

    • Cave Art, by Jean Clottes.
    • Ambiguous Images, by Kelley Hays-Gilpin.
    • Making Marks: Graduate Studies in Rock Art Research at the New Millennium, edited by J.K.K. Huang and E.V. Culley.
    • The Chi Kung Way: Alive with Energy, by James MacRitchie.
    • Chi Kung: Cultivating Personal Energy, by James MacRitchie.

    Technical Reports & Compliance Documents

    (Consultation, Editing & Illustration)

        • Hiilangaay Hydro Project Reynolds Creek Inlet Delta on Lake Mellon Environmental Characterization and Assessment of Drawdown Effects, prepared by Paul Rusanowski for Haida Energy, Inc.
        • Archaeological Damage Assessment of the Superior Town Dump Site (AR-1167 (TNF)/ AZ U:12:55 (ASM)), Pinal County, Arizona, prepared by Staff, EcoPlan Associates for USDA-FS-Tonto National Forest.
        • Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan for Fort Huachuca Military Reservation, prepared by Kim Ryan for USDD-Fort Huachuca Military Reservation.
        • San Carlos Irrigation Project Inlet Channel: Post Construction Discoveries, prepared by Meghann Vance for BIA-San Carlos Irrigation Project.
        • Historic Archive Project Final Report, prepared by E.V. Culley for BIA-San Carlos Irrigation Project.
        • Excavations at the Mound 3 Precinct, Southeast Cemetery, Las Colinas, AZ T:12:10 (ASM), prepared by K.J. Schroeder for Pueblo Grande Museum.
        • Landscape and Ceremonial Cave Rock Art: Change Through Time, prepared by L. Loendorf, E. Billo, and R. Mark for Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

        Select Dissertations & Theses

        (Content Editing & Formatting)

        • The Social Dynamics of Coalescence: Ancestral Wendat Communities 1400-1550CE, by Sarah Striker Collins (Arizona State University).
        • The Influence of Masculinity Ideologies on Psychotherapy Attendance among Adult Mexican American Males, by Innocent Affam Obeah (Walden University).

        Collections, Archives & Data Management Projects

        • Historic Archive Project, Bureau of Indian Affairs-San Carlos Irrigation Project.
        • Legacies on the Landscape, Arizona State University.
        • Canyon de Chelly: Condition Assessment and Documentation Project, Rupestrian CyberServices.
        • RCS Research Library & Digital Archive, Rupestrian CyberServices.
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